“They are expecting perfection from others that they have not yet attained. And they expect grace given to them that you are unwilling to give to others.” – Ericka Smith

A pretty good summary of a conversation we had as to why, as Christians, so many Christians tick us off.

As you probably know a new movie about Noah comes out at the end of March. I usually talk about movies over at www.reelparables.com, but today I just want to talk about Noah, in light of the movie.

Adult Bible Stories - Noah

Adult Bible Stories – Noah

It stars Russell Crow, Jennifer Connelly, Anthony Hopkins and Emma Watson and is directed by the guy who gave us Pi, Requiem for a Dream, the Fountain, the Wrestler and Black Swan. You may not like his movies but the man sure knows how to make them!

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I plan to see it and I plan to like it. And, if I am honest, I am not too concerned with how accurate it may or may not be.

You see, I don’t think most of us would like it to be accurate. Honestly, if this movie matched the biblical account then most Christians, in my opinion, would be very, very, very upset.

My guess is that most of us would assume that the movie was made to make Christians look bad.

Why? Because most of the times we read about Noah the story ends too soon. It usually ends with Noah building an altar and making a sacrifice to God.

The “children’s bible” story ends there, with Noah worshiping God. Awesome. See kids, be like Noah!

But that is not how the (adult) story of Noah ends.

Here’s what you probably know.

In a very wicked world Noah found favor in the sight of the Lord. (Genesis 6:8)

Noah was a godly man; he was blameless among his contemporaries. He walked with God. (Genesis 6:9)

God considered Noah Godly (Genesis 7: 1)

Noah obeys God, builds the ark, saves his family (his wife, his sons and their wives) and saves the animals. In doing so he singlehandedly saves the human race and every type of air-breathing animal.

After it was all over Noah built an altar and made a sacrifice to God! (Genesis 8:20)

Yep, to show how amazing Godly Noah is, the first thing he does after he gets off the ark is build an altar and worship God.

Noah rocks. No, Noah RAWKS! Be like Noah!

God then reaffirms HIS covenant with Noah. And promises to never destroy the entire world – every air-breathing creature – again with water.

So then what does Noah do?

Noah, a man of the soil, began to plant a vineyard. When he drank some of the wine, he got drunk and uncovered himself inside his tent. (Genesis 9:20-21)

So yea, so Noah got drunk. And not just drunk. He got butt naked drunk. (Be like Noah!?)

Yea, that Noah. The Noah who found favor in the sight of the Lord.

The Noah who God called godly.

The Noah who was blameless among his contemporaries.

And the Noah who walked with God.

We don’t like talking about this part of the story do we?

Our kid bibles skip this part.

Our Youth Pastors tend to skip the butt naked drunk part. As do some pastors.

And it is a shame!

We do our children and ourselves a disservice when we skip this part of Noah’s story!

Why? Because his real story – his whole story – looks a lot more like our stories.

Noah’s story is not safe for the whole family. But my guess is that you know someone like this Noah, the butt naked drunk Noah.

The Bible, when read in its entirety, is not safe for the whole family.

And, if we are honest, the Christian life is not safe for the whole family.

Life is messy. Faith is messy. The Christian walk is messy.

That’s what makes grace so amazing.

So let’s be honest; my life – and your life – will look a lot like Noah’s. Butt naked drunk and all.

Our lives will not look like the shiny/polished Sunday School version of Noah.

Our lives will look much more like the dirty – the real – the tarnished version of Noah.

But like Noah we too can find favor in the sight of the Lord. And just like Noah it’s not because of us, but because of God.

Like Noah we can be Godly. Not because of us (we are not Godly!) but because of God.

Like Noah we can be found blameless amount our contemporaries. Not sinless, but blameless. Wrong someone? Confess, repent, and make it right. Sin against God? Confess, repent and make it right.

And like Noah we too can walk with God. But not because we are so amazing, but because He is. God knows you and I are going to muck it up.

He’s already taken care of our mucking up, our sin, our butt naked drunkenness.

Do you believe that?

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